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What is the penalty for not providing requested information in a timely manner?

As per Florida Statutes, Section, 626.930 (2), all records shall at all times be open to examination by the department or the Florida Surplus Lines Service Office without notice and shall be so kept available and open for 5 years.

As per Florida Statutes, Section 626.923, a surplus lines agent shall, within 30 days after the date of a request by the department or the Florida Surplus Lines Service Office, furnish an exact copy of any and all requested policies, including applications, certificates, cover notes, or other forms of confirmation of insurance coverage or any substitutions thereof or endorsements thereto.

Per Florida Statutes, Section 626.939 (1), every person by or as to whom insurance is procured or placed in an unauthorized insurer, upon the order of the department, shall produce for examination by the department, or by the authorized representative of the department, all policies and other documents evidencing the insurance and shall disclose to the department the amount of gross premiums paid or agreed to be paid for the insurance. For each refusal to obey such order, such person, upon conviction thereof, shall be liable to a fine of not more than $500.

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