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Catlin Specialty Insurance Company

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FEIN 71-6053839
NAIC# 15989
A.M. Best Rating * A
State of Domicile Delaware , USA
Location of Main
Admin. Offices
Atlanta, GA
Incorporation Date 11/30/1941
Parent Catlin Inc. (US)

Total Admitted Assets591,437,337483,808,802355,233,583318,324,381303,353,445
Total Liabilities387,161,094282,329,960242,426,820206,899,421200,446,697
Capital & Surplus204,276,243201,478,842112,806,763111,424,960102,906,748
Premiums and Agent's Balances76,932,29053,028,72442,258,33750,068,81761,642,021
Loss Adjustment Expenses36,783,90132,407,99127,965,74523,078,56620,726,462
Underwriting Gain/Loss270,50810,339,6691,909,8193,806,9681,346,879
Net Income (Loss) After Tax2,951,0177,432,9242,525,1396,072,771992,735
Cash Flow From Operations43,990,99129,553,26922,078,09719,084,846(1,419,516)
Unrealized Capital Gains (Losses)(612,164)000137,842
Gross Premium873,626,259743,215,000591,468,685486,878,648424,254,010
Net Premium86,758,01777,995,96363,654,23955,869,85253,651,500
Gross Premium to Surplus Ratio427.7% 368.9% 524.3% 437.0% 412.3%
Net Premium to Surplus Ratio42.5% 38.7% 56.4% 50.1% 52.1%
Direct Premium - National444,388,069385,305,825306,030,976261,460,987228,059,381
Direct Premium - Florida (Sch. T)34,867,96427,162,20922,174,23117,470,85112,613,309
% of Direct Premium in Florida7.8% 7.0% 7.2% 6.7% 5.5%
Rank Among all eligible InsurersN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
Combined Ratio99.0% 85.0% 97.0% 93.0% 97.0%
Losses Incurred Ratio 59.0% 44.0% 53.0% 48.0% 46.0%
Loss Expenses Incurred Ratio17.0% 18.0% 19.0% 17.0% 22.0%
Other U/W Expenses Incurred Ratio23.0% 23.0% 25.0% 28.0% 29.0%

Quarterly Financial Data (2015) for
Catlin Specialty Insurance Company

Total Admitted Assets608,441,713672,947,952
Total Liabilities399,978,631456,999,339
Capital & Surplus208,463,082215,948,613
Premiums and Agent's Balances109,254,831121,611,446
Loss Adjustment Expenses40,257,29142,014,664
Underwriting Gain/Loss(8,879,752)(9,334,848)
Net Income (Loss) After Tax(3,354,778)(4,029,613)
Cash Flow From Operations(13,904,234)643,151
Unrealized Capital Gains (Losses)(3,117,473)(2,734,765)
Gross Premium208,082,852421,025,736
Net Premium19,755,17340,761,458
Direct Premium - National99,240,895212,580,373
Direct Premium - Florida (Sch. T)9,699,89918,642,942

Major Lines of Business in US (2015)
1 Other Liability - Claims Made
2 Other Liability - Occurrence
3 Products Liability - Occurrence
4 Medical Professional Liability
Major Lines of Business in FL (2015)
1 Other Liability - Claims Made
2 Other Liability - Occurrence
3 Other Commercial Auto Liability
4 Inland Marine
5 Allied Lines

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