IPC Registration

About Independently Procured Coverage

F.S. 626.938(1) defines independently procured coverage (IPC) as coverage that is procured without the assistance of a licensed and appointed Florida surplus lines agent. IPC filers are required to file policies through the Surplus Lines Information Portal (SLIP) when they have directly purchased or placed coverage without the use of a surplus lines agent or agency. In this case, taxes, fees or assessments are the sole responsibility of the IPC account holder.


SLIP Registration

If you fall under the definition of an IPC filer (above) and need to register with our office to file a surplus lines policy, please visit the SLIP, click on the Register button. Next, click the IPC Filer button, fill out the User Details and then click the Register button at the bottom right corner of the screen.

SLIP User Set-up Instructions for IPC Filers

Before you begin filing in SLIP, please complete the user set-up instructions listed below.

Adding SLIP User(s)

Additional SLIP users may be added to your SLIP account by hovering over the User Admin tab and selecting User Data.

To Add SLIP User(s):

  1. Click Add New User.
  2. Enter new user’s Name and email address in the Personal Info section.
  3. Create new user’s Username in the Login Info section.
  4. Enter new user’s mailing address and phone number in the Mailing Address section.
  5. Enter new user’s physical address in the Physical Address section or click Make Same As Mailing.
  6. Select new user’s security access in the Security Info section.
  7. a)  Administrator - user has all privileges.
    b)  Edit & View – user has all privileges except adding and deleting users.
    c)  View - user is only able to view IPC transactions in SLIP.

  8. Select PDF or CSV (excel format) in the Billing Report Format section.
  9. Click Save when user details information is complete.
  10. An email will be sent to the new user with their SLIP username and password.

Adding Insurers

SLIP allows users to assign Insurers from Florida’s Eligible Insurer list in theSettings tab. Only assigned insurers will appear on the Insurer drop-down list on the Transaction Information page of the submission process. Creating a list of insurers that you use frequently will greatly speed up the filing process.

To Select Insurers:

  1. Click Settings under the User Admin tab on the homepage in SLIP.
  2. Click the Edit button in the Florida Eligible Insurer Assignment section.
  3. Click on the insurer name from the list of available insurers, click the single arrow (>) pointed to the Selected Insurers box on the screen and click SaveYou may also move a single insurer by double clicking on the insurer name. Multiple insurers may also be selected. While holding down the control key, highlight each insurer you would like to select, click the single arrow (>) which will move all highlighted insurers to the Selected Insurers box and click Save. To select the entire list, click the double arrow button (>>) pointed to the Selected Insurers box and click Save.
  4. If you do not see the insurer on the Available Insurers list under the Florida Eligible Insurer Assignment section of the Settings tab, please select Other Surplus Lines Insurer from the list and click the right arrow (>) to add it to the insurer drop-down list.

Insurers may also be added to your customized insurer list while you are filing a transaction. Click Add Insurers on the Transaction Information screen to add an insurer if they do not appear on the dropdown list and follow the same instructions as outlined above.


Adding Billing Contacts

The billing contact is the person to which the quarterly invoices will be emailed and is a required field.  You can create individual billing contacts (if you want the invoice to be emailed to you or to the insured) or billing contacts by entity if you are filing for multiple entities or offices.

After creating the billing contact(s) in Settings, select the appropriate billing contact (or office) when submitting each transaction. At the end of the quarter, the transactions associated with each billing contact will be aggregated and invoiced. A separate invoice and billing report will be issued for each billing contact. Invoices will be emailed to the billing contact associated with the transaction(s) at the end of the quarter.

To Create Billing Contacts:

  1. Click the New button in the billing contact section of the settings page. Enter the contact information (including individual name or office) for the billing contact.
  2. Click Save when required information is complete.

Adding Insureds

SLIP allows users to enter and save insured information. Creating a list of your insureds will reduce your filing time because they will be retained in your insured scroll down list accessible through the down arrow button in the insured name box of the policy details screen. Only added insureds will appear on the Insured drop-down list on the Policy Information page of the submission process.

To Save Insured Information:

  1. Click the New button in the Insured Information field.
  2. Enter the insured name, contact person, email address, phone number and mailing address for the insured.
  3. Click Save when the required information is complete.
Congratulations! Your SLIP set-up is complete. To begin filing transactions in SLIP, please click on the New IPC Policy.