IPC Registration

About Independently Procured Coverage

F.S. 626.938(1) defines independently procured coverage (IPC) as coverage that is procured without the assistance of a licensed and appointed Florida surplus lines agent. IPC filers are required to file policies through the Surplus Lines Information Portal (SLIP) when they have directly purchased or placed coverage without the use of a surplus lines agent or agency. In this case, taxes, fees, or assessments are the sole responsibility of the IPC account holder.

SLIP Registration

If you fall under the definition of an IPC filer (above) and need to register with our office to file a surplus lines policy, please visit SLIP and click on the Register button. Next, click the IPC Filer button, fill out the User Details and then click the Register button at the bottom right corner of the screen. Additionally, the IPC SLIP Help Reference Guide, a comprehensive guide to filing with FSLSO in SLIP, is available in SLIP under the Help tab. 

Register for a New SLIP Account